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We started making promotional videos for our Book of the Month selections about five years ago. Our initial and as yet unfulfilled dream was actually to make a spoof commercial for our sale books — our remainder buyer was to appear from behind a cloud of smoke, decked out in wizard attire. Unfortunately (for us), it’s illegal to obtain smoke bombs in California, so we shelved that idea and instead focused our energy on making low-quality, low-concept videos featuring books we loved.

At the time, we were one of the best, if not the first, at promoting books through videos. I think the combination of our irreverence and DIY aesthetic really conveyed what Green Apple was all about. We like to have fun. Our staff is willing to look silly. And, of course, we love spreading the word about great books.

Some of our hits (to use the term loosely) include the epic Little Bee video, our take on Werner Herzog’s Conquest of Dreams, and our 10-part series pitting the book against the Kindle, which includes the unsurpassable (again, to use the term loosely), Icebreaker.

This weekend, we handed over the keys to the LARB Tumblr to the folks at Green Apple Books. Then they went and made their 35th film, just cus.  Stay tuned for more posts from the incredible Green Apple Books in San Francisco.

For more on LARB’s Naked Bookseller program, go here.

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